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Posted on Mar 01, 2018

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According to a new survey of 1,000 people, carried out for the Care Quality Commission (CQC), choosing adult social care in England is one of the biggest sources of stress today, compared with other key life events.

The survey findings reveal that seven in ten (70%) of adults who were responsible for choosing care in a care home or at home – either for themselves or a loved one – over the last three years have found it more stressful than choosing their child’s nursery or school, or a venue for their wedding or civil partnership. More than half (52%) of people surveyed cited choosing a care home and 31% cited choosing care at home in their top three most stressful life decisions.

People’s experiences varied across the country, with the highest proportion of people in the North East (60%), Yorkshire and Humber (56%) and the North West and East Midlands (both 54%) saying that choosing a care home was their most stressful life decision. Unsurprisingly perhaps, these regions are some of those where CQC has found the highest proportion of adult social care services rated as Requires Improvement and Inadequate.


Elsewhere in the survey findings, when analysing what had the greatest influence on people’s choice of care home, the vast majority (72%) of respondents stated that seeing the care home for themselves was the most important influencer in helping them make their decision.

44% of respondents said that understanding the quality of care based on its CQC rating and its latest inspection report influenced their decision the most, with 76% of respondents who knew the CQC rating for their care home then going on to say that this knowledge made them feel more confident that they were making the right decision.

Other findings from the survey reveal that the ability of a care home to meet people’s individual needs and its general ‘feel’ was the most important factors when making their choice (24% and 17% respectively), more so than its proximity to family and friends (7%).

Andrea Sutcliffe, CQC’s Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care said: “Choosing care can be a real worry for people, their families and carers, wondering who or where to turn to – but CQC can help. People can be confident that we find most care services in England are providing good, safe care. For those that need to do better, or are not getting any better, we take appropriate action to ensure providers either improve or stop providing care altogether.”

At The Goodman Partnership, we know that the stress of finding that ‘perfect’ home is often compounded by the funding aspect of care – how exactly can you pay for it? Will you need to sell your home? Will your Local Authority help you out?  The UK care system is notoriously complicated and there’s much confusion around what financial assistance is and isn’t available. 

We can explain in plain English the rules that are relevant to your own situation and ensure that you're receiving the benefits you're entitled to receive.

The main objective is to find a way to meet the cost of care fees so that you can always receive the care you require in the place of your choice without worrying about running out of money. Of course, this isn't always possible but there are certain steps that can be taken to make your capital go further.

Your financial arrangements can be organised in a variety of ways and often the best approach can be to use a combination of options. In many cases people express a desire to leave an inheritance to their loved ones as well as being able to pay for their care for the rest of their lives. We’ll always take this into account when considering the options and will ensure that the arrangements are simple to administer and tax efficient.

At The Goodman Partnership, we’ll make you aware of the various options, explaining clearly how they work and help you to reach an informed decision that you feel happy with.

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