Meet... Jada Kwong

Posted on Apr 03, 2018

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Jada Kwong joined The Goodman Partnership in 2013 and is now our senior client services co-ordinator. She says that her role – although always in client services – has evolved over the years.

“When I first started, the forms I’d be filling-in were quite simple,” she explains. “Now, though, we are required to process a lot more online and, as my role has expanded, I’ve created more procedures and made sure that the whole team is familiar with these processes and what needs to be on the different platforms. This has led to us all working together more efficiently.”

When Jada was at school, finance wasn’t a career she saw herself getting involved with. In fact, while she was studying for her GCSEs, her work experience involved interior design. Then, while in the sixth form, she spent some time with an accountancy firm and admits it wasn’t what she had expected…

“I did a career test at school,” Jada says. “The first career option suggested I’d be suited to something scientific and I remember rolling my eyes, as I didn’t enjoy science. The second option suggested finance though.”

After her studies, Jada initially worked at Fidelity, before being offered a role with a local IFA firm. After a while, she heard there might be an opening with The Goodman Partnership.

“At that time, my daughter was at the same nursery as Andy Kirk’s son, so when I bumped into him next, I asked him if the firm was recruiting and he gave me the name of the person I should contact,” says Jada.

This led to an interview and Jada has now been with us for nearly five years.

“It’s a really lovely team here and I’m lucky that many of my colleagues are now friends as well,” she says. “While part of my role is dealing with paperwork – which I actually find really interesting - I also enjoy interacting with clients too. I like to learn something about the person behind the form and to understand what the advice we are giving them means to them. When I’m talking to a client, I always try to remember a little fact. One client told me her son was busy doing his GCSEs and when I spoke to her next, I asked how everything had gone – and she was touched that I’d remembered. It’s those little things that makes our client service more personable.”

She continues: “I think that’s what sets The Goodman Partnership apart, the excellent customer service and the bespoke advice it gives to every single client.”

Jada is currently working towards her CF1 Exam: UK Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics – putting in regular study each week. She’s juggling that with her daughter and a variety of interests – including baking, sugar craft, salsa dancing, reading and playing the piano.

Currently, some of her hobbies are taking a little bit of back seat, as she’s also busy planning her wedding. This is set to take place in August in London and promises to be a ‘mix and match’ of Chinese (she and her partner are from Hong Kong) and British traditions.


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