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Posted on Jun 11, 2018

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You might still be (Ashley) Young or perhaps you think you’re already over the (Gary Ca) hill but if you want to keep up with the (Phil) Jones’ during your retirement, it’s good to plan ahead. We’ll take a structured look at your current finances, Adam (Lallana) up for you and come up with a plan to suit you until you (Eric) Dier.

Planning ahead for your retirement will mean that you’ll want to trust the adviser you select; you’ll not want to (Jordan) Pick (ford) any old Tom (Heaton), Dick or Harry (Kane). You can rest assured that as a Chartered Financial Planner, you won’t get any (Ruben Loftus) Cheek from us. We won’t (Lewis) Cook the books, act Jack (Butland) the lad or lead you down a dark (Dele) Alli with your savings.

If you look at our testimonial page, you’ll see that our clients Marcus (Rashford) very highly, think we do a (Raheem) Sterling job and trust us to (Jesse Lin) gard their money for them.

With The Goodman Partnership as part of your team you’ll (Jake) Livermore financially secure retirement. Whatever you’ve got planned for your later years – perhaps you’re a (Kyle) Walker with hopes to step out on some new treks or you’re more of a (Kieran) day Trippier?

Or maybe you’ll be looking to travel the world from Jordan (Henderson) to Trent (Alexander-Arnold) or drop in to see the (Nick) Pope in Rome?

Perhaps you’re intending to spend time gardening and want to feel secure enough to buy another (Fabian) Delph-inium or (Danny) Rose?

Whatever your later life plans, we’ll put the (John) stepping Stones in place that you (Harry) Maguire for your future. We can provide ongoing support and be at your (Danny Wel) beck and call when you need us to be.

Whether you’re a James (Tarkowski) or a Jamie (Vardy) give us a call.





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