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Posted on May 15, 2019

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There are many cases in life when you could battle on without taking professional advice. You could submit your tax return without an accountant or you could get divorced without a lawyer – but most people don’t. They recognise that having the support of a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable professional on their side is a prudent approach.

When it comes to wealth management, we would always argue that you’ll be in a better position if you seek good advice. 

A recent survey (reproduced in The Financial Adviser magazine) asked investors why they pay for financial advice and the top five reasons were:

36% - better potential investment returns
26% - peace of mind
15% - to ensure financial goals are met
13% - help with the administration
8% - access to markets

We know that our clients come to us for our trusted advice. Obviously, the opportunity to make better potential investment returns is certainly attractive but with so many stories in the media about people losing their savings in suspect schemes, peace of mind is incredibly important. People want to sure they are making the best decisions with their money. 

Tied up with peace of mind is trust. Our clients aren’t just telling us about their financial affairs and showing us figures on a page, they need to share their hopes and goals with us too. This can sometimes involve us understanding relationships they have and how their life works. 

If there’s a feeling of trust, then it’s more likely that somebody will open up to us and this means we can offer them a solution that works best for their circumstances. 

Tied up with all this are our technical and financial skills – our clients trust that we are knowledgeable. The Goodman Partnership was the first regulated advisory firm in Kent to achieve Corporate Chartered Financial Planning status and our team members hold many accreditations. Added to this, we are truly independent; the firm is wholly owned by the partners and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

As independent wealth managers in Kent, we provide sound, practical advice, and always explain our recommendations in clear terms with the minimum of jargon.

Our clients are very varied in their knowledge of finance. Some will be the first to say that they know very little about money and are grateful for us to help them with the administration of their financial affairs and to understand the figures for them. Others have a greater knowledge of finance – but that might not extend to pensions, for instance.

One of our clients, Deborah Hargreaves, is a case in point. She has a background in financial journalism and worked at the Financial Times for 20 years. More recently, she set up her own think tank, and has been involved with campaigning and policy work, as well as financial work too.

“When I came to The Goodman Partnership, I knew quite a lot about finance, but I didn’t really understand the new pension rules,” Deborah explains. “I spoke to Andy Kirk and had a few challenging requirements which I wanted him to help me with. He has helped me very well to sort through my pension arrangements, which are now all very stable.”

You can watch her video testimonial here

Probably the most important reason to get independent financial advice is that your adviser will work out a way ahead which works for you. Nobody’s finances are the same and everyone has different goals and aspirations. 

At The Goodman Partnership – your local retirement planner in Tunbridge Wells - we understand that informed advice is key. We’ll help you to weigh up your options and make the best decisions for the future. 

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